Week of September 14-18

A “habit of praise”! The Bible has much to say about the “habit of praise” and “thanksgiving”. See how God’s word can lead us as we get into the “habit of praise” and “thanksgiving” during our prayer time this week. 

Monday, September 14

Read Psalm 145:1,2,21. 
Why do you pray? What do you hope to accomplish?
These verses (1,2,21) frame the Psalm. Define these verbs used:
  • Will extol
  • Will bless
  • Will praise
  • Is unsearchable
  • Will speak
What is the psalmist praising God for in these verses? What does the psalmists’ use of words like, “forever and ever” teach us about God’s worthiness and our responsibility?

Pray asking God to show you how you can be a part of His plan to reduce the debt of our church.

Tuesday, September 15

Read Psalm 145:3-7

Describe what it is about God that makes him worthy of our praise? How can our praises serve to teach our children and others about God? Name some of God’s “mighty acts” and “awesome works” that we can share with children and others to enhance their relationship with God.

Pray today for our children’s ministries at PV. Ask God to send workers and leaders to our children’s ministries.

Wednesday, September 16

Read Psalm 145:8-20

Make a list of the characteristics of God to use as we praise Him. See verses 11-12, praise has a role in evangelism. What are the words of praise in these verses that can draw someone to Christ?

Pray that God would use our praise for Him to bring someone into the Kingdom of Heaven!

Thursday, September 17

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Do you experience constant joy in your life? If so, where does it come from? If not, do you count this as an unrealistic expectation?
Consider you schedule on an average day in your life. Where can you fit prayer and thanksgiving into your day? How can we (v18) “in everything give thanks”?

Pray today that God will provide great leaders in every area of our ministry at PV. Ask where God wants you to serve.

Friday, September 18

Verse 17 “pray without ceasing”

Consider how constant prayer can prepare you for anything that you will face today. Name some creative ways that you can obey this directive in your life today.

Pray for a reminder from God to prompt you today to pray and allow Him to prepare you for whatever comes your way.