Week of September 20-25

Pray 360 Targeted Prayers
  • Pray God will change our doubts to faithful confidence in Him who is able!
  • Pray our church PVB would bring glory to God through our obedience and actions.
  • Pray for the 36th day of Pray 360 (Freewill Offering Day) October 11. Ask God what your Freewill Offering should be that day. Ask God to provide gifts of $360,000 that day to pay off one of the two notes we have for our building.
  • Pray for servants to come forward for our ministries. Specifically as follows:
  • 2 new members for the Budget and Finance Committee
  • 2 new members for the Personnel Committee
  • Awanas leaders for Wednesday nights
  • Children Sunday School Teachers
  • Sound booth Workers and Singers/Musicians for our Worship Team
Monday, September 21

James 5:13-18 
Prayer is sometimes just a matter of asking! Never fear not getting prayers just right. Remember our Father knows our need before we ask Him. What happens when you receive a gift from someone? Do you feel obligated to “return the favor”?
According to the verses when should we pray? What is a “prayer offered up in faith”? Why was Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemene (Mark 14:36; Luke 22:42) a prayer offered up in faith?
Tuesday, September 22

Do the verses studied yesterday suggest that God’s answers to our prayers are limited by our righteousness (James 5:16) or earnestness (verse 17)? Consider Luke 17:6 as you explain your answer.
Wednesday, September 23

James 5:15-16 
Note the promises in verses 15 and 16: Prayer “will make the sick person well”; “he will be forgiven”; pray so that “you may be healed.” On what are these promises based? Who is “a righteous man,” and how well does this phrase describe you? What could make your prayers more “powerful and effective”?
Thursday, September 24

Luke 11:9-13

Ask –   (Jesus says) it shall be given you
Seek -   (Jesus says) ye shall find
Knock –   (Jesus says) it shall be opened
Can we take v. 10 literally? If we ask God for something –anything—will we get it, or will we find limits to God’s generosity?
Who do you think Jesus means when he says “everyone” (v.10). Does He mean “every person” or everyone who is a disciple, “or everyone who comes in faith”, or something else?
Friday, September 25

Luke 11:13

What does Jesus mean when he says, “knock and the door will be opened to you”? Consider v.13. What is Jesus urging us to seek?
See what C.S. Lewis says in Letters to Malcolm, Chiefly on prayer
“We must lay before  [God] what is in us, not what ought to be in us…It may be that the desire can be laid before God only as a sin to be repented; but one of the best ways of learning this is to lay it before God…If we lay all the cards on the table, God will help us to moderate the excesses…Those who have not learned to ask Him for childish things will have less readiness to ask Him for great ones.”