Week of September 7-11

Monday, September 7

Matthew 6:6-8 What should be our attitude of prayer?
How do you believe we should phrase our prayers?
God is always concerned about our attitude in all we do. (The condition of our heart)

Tuesday, September 8 

Matthew 6:9-10 How can God be both close and far off in heaven?
Do you feel your prayers are to a far off God or God who is very close? Why?
v.9 Why is it important to tell God “Hallowed by thy name”?
v.10 describe what it looks like when the Kingdom of God comes here on earth?

Wednesday, September 9

Matthew 6:11-13 
Name the things that Jesus tells us we should ask for ourselves. Why these things?
Think about how you typically approach God with your needs? (confidently? Tentatively? Or Humbly?)
Are there any changes you should make based on how Jesus says to ask and what to ask for?

Thursday, September 10

Matthew 6:12-13
Why do you think that asking for forgiveness and forgiving others is so important in our prayers?
Does God really lead us into temptation? If so why does Jesus say “lead us not into temptation”. Your thoughts on “trials / temptations”

Friday, September 11

Stop and pray right now for all those who lost loved ones on this tragic day in American history.
Jesus gives the answers to yesterday’s questions on forgiveness. Do you have people or things in your life that need the slate to be cleared on? Ask God for forgiveness. He promises to forgive us! See 1 John 1:8-9